Does Getting Pegged Make You Feel Gay: Part 2

Woman pegging a man
Pegging is a woman fucking a man with a strap-on dildo. Can it make you feel gay?

After my first time getting pegged (which was an amazing experience) I wrote about about my concerns whether getting pegged would make me want to start doing it with men. It’s a difficult thing to write about…
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Suck my balls, peg my ass


It was sexy time. We were freshly showered and naked in the bedroom. I jumped onto the bed and with my wife still standing at the foot of the bed, I spread my legs in what I imagine, were she to make the same gesture, an invitation to dine.

I was, without a shred of subtlety, but with what I hoped was a little comedy, asking her to start the afternoon’s delight by whetting her appetite by… wetting my balls… with her tongue.

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