Anal Sex Tips for Beginners

One of the benefits of getting pegged is that you know what it’s like to get fucked. My first “anal sex” experience was not with me getting fucked though. It was me fucking a girl I’d met that night and it was her hand that guided me there. However, with a little bit more knowledge I could have done better.


Now, with some experience in both roles – giver and receiver – it puts me in a position to offer some advice to potential anal first timers. Advice I wish I had had.

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So we didn’t use the strap-on, but…


So we didn’t use the strap-on but we had a great night. So far, I have to say that even the idea of getting out the strap-on makes the sex better!

Here’s what happened.

I got home and she was already home. She was in the shower. I peeked in to say hello and in reply she smiled at me then looked pointedly at my crotch then back up at me.

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Are we pegging tonight?

My wife is at work. I sent her some messages while she is at work. I’m horny and I want to fuck tonight. I’m so horny that I want some anal play.

Let’s play tonight I’m very horny What’s new? 😉 Haha, yeah… Wanna play? 😉 Ok I’m very horny I’m at work. Not horny. But I might be tonight. I might want you to fuck me tonight. Strap on OK 🙂

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He wants to fuck your ass? Peg him! (He’ll understand now.)

You want to do what?
You want to do what?

Dear ladies.

I know there are a few guys out there who have no interest in anal sex, either giving or taking but I think most guys at least want to try it. And if they’ve tried it, they probably want to do it again – that is, they want to fuck you. Their cock up, your ass. I certainly enjoy fucking my wife’s ass.

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My First Strap-On – Review of the Red-Rider


The Red Rider is the first strap on I ever used. I like it. Here’s why.

I bought this toy over two years ago. It took a lot of thinking about it before we ordered it and it took a while before we actually used it but when we did it for the first time it was well worth it.

But, to review the Red Rider.

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Beginner Guide to Strap-On Harnesses


Selecting your first strap on dildo is one of the challenges you face on the road to your first time getting pegged. It may not be the biggest hurdle, but there’s still a lot of information to digest. I’ve written the following guide to help anyone else looking to try pegging for the first time educate themselves on the tools of the trade. Continue reading Beginner Guide to Strap-On Harnesses