Does Getting Pegged Make You Feel Gay?

Pegging ArtImage from MIAOU

I’ve already written about my concerns about getting pegged which touched on my concerns about the physicalities of the act and also about how it would make me look to my wife. I also briefly mentioned that I was worried about taking the submissive role. And, it isn’t easy to admit but…
UPDATED DOMAIN, READ ON – Does Getting Pegged Make You Feel Gay?

3 thoughts on “Does Getting Pegged Make You Feel Gay?”

  1. Hey I just wrote a post on anal sex for first timers, and I pegged my ex…interestingly enough I never wondered what issues he may have had, to admit he liked this sex act. Because he didn’t seem like he had a hard time telling me..but it is a taboo issue.

  2. ANAL SEX is great. I believe if you can give you should also receive. Luckily for guys they can choose the size of the peg. While use girls are stuck with what the mans got in your pants. This is a great way to separate the men from the boys.

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